Environmental Efforts

At the Jasper Brewing Company we recognize our responsibility to minimize our impact on the environment. 
Here are our current efforts:


During each brew, our hot wort is cooled from boiling (~100 °C) to room temperature (~25 °C).  We do this with a cross-flow heat exchanger using cool tap water.  We capture this cooling water, which increases in temperature to 70 °C during the process, and store it for use in our next brew.  This conserves not only the water, but the energy needed to heat it for the next brew.

Bottle Recycling

Although the majority of our beer is consumed on premises, we do offer offsales in refillable glass "Growlers".  These 2 gallon glass jugs come with a twist top and are refillable countless times.

Spent Grains and Hops

After the brewing process, the remaining "spent" barley and hops are shoveled into large recycling bins.  These bins are then collected weekly and composted.