Our Original Five

When we first opened our doors in June of 2005, we had these five beers on tap.  We have since kept some, changed some, and added some new beers.  Check out "Our Beer" for our current selection or visit Seasonal Beers for a complete list of our brewing history.

Sutter-Hill Pil –
April 25, 2008
Our inaugural batch of beer. This German style Pilsner was our first brew because it is a lager and needed extra time to age. It originated as the B-Hill Pil, but is now named Sutter-Hill after B-Hill’s first grandson. 

Fireman’s Ale –
May 1, 2005
This mild kolsch ale was amongst our first recipes. It is a smooth session beer. It originated as the Blonde Ale.

Liftline Cream Ale –
May 16, 2005
This beer is modelled after the famous English style Extra Special Bitter. We put a slight twist on the traditional style by adding nitrogen for a smooth creamy texture. Originating as the Paddler’s Bitter, you will currently find this ESB on tap as the Liftline Cream Ale.

Rockhopper IPA – May 28, 2005
This excellent brew started as and remains to be our flagship beer. It is a heavily hopped pale ale. India Pale Ales originated during the lengthy colonization of India. British servicemen in India expected beer, however the styles of the time did not survive the long voyage to India. Brewers quickly discovered that hops acted as preservatives in beer. As such, the heavily hopped ales designed to survive the long trips were born – now known as India Pale Ales.

6060 Stout –
June 1, 2005
We are extremely proud of the 6060 stout. The hard, mineral rich glacial water found in Jasper balances perfectly with a rich, dark ale. The recipe has remain unchanged from the original batch.