Seasonal Beers

Oktoberfest – October 6, 2005
Brewed to style with glacier water. This was our first seasonal beer in celebration of one of the greatest beer festivals on earth.
Dozen Barley Brown – October 22, 2005
            A rich combination of 12 malts made up this brown ale.
XXXMAS Was Ale – November 23, 2005
Valencia oranges, demerara sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and coriander added a holiday flavor to a rich ale.
Honey Coriander – January 29, 2005
This mild ale has hints of coriander and honey from the Okanogan valley. It was originally brewed as a one time batch but was so popular it has become a regular on our menu – year around. It is now named Honey Bear Ale.
Blueberry Vanilla – February 16, 2006
A instant hit, this rare yet well balanced beer will be on tap again sometime in November of 2008 
Smokey Blonde – June 13, 2006
We experimented with small amounts of peated malt in a kolsche style ale and discovered that smoky flavors can be balanced in a lighter ale. This was a beer that was either loved or loathed.
Pumpkin Ale – October 4, 2006
Tapped just in time for thanksgiving, this beer was “pumpkin pie in a glass”. We added roasted pumpkin, nutmeg, and allspice to a medium bodied pale ale to create this seasonal beer.
Black Pilsner – February 15, 2007
Dark roasted malt and crystal malts were blended with a classic pilsner recipe to create this interesting beer. Customers and staff enjoyed it so much that we now bring it back every winter.
Raspberry Ale – October April 1, 2007
We wanted to bring back the blueberry vanilla beer but because of the high cost of blueberries at the time, we opted for the more “classic” fruit beer – raspberry. 
Belgian Wit – October 3, 2007
This was our first experimentation with wheat. It also included orange rind and coriander. Served with a slice of orange, this was an excellent session beer.
Pomegranate Porter – December 9, 2007
This beer turned out excellent. The tangy pomegranate flavor balanced well against the rich ale. This beer was named Centennial Ale and we donated $1 from every pint to the local Historical Society to support our museum. We raised $1,100!
Highside Hefeweizen – May 18, 2008
For our second wheat beer we opted for a more traditional style. Much of this beer’s uniqueness comes from a special yeast strain that adds a banana like flavor and aroma. It was an excellent summer beer.
 Backside Organic Red Ale -- November 16, 2010
 This twist on a traditional red ale brewed with organic malt. The sweet caramel malts were balanced by hops from the Pacific Northwest, giving it a slight citrus finish. It became very popular with the winter crowd and we now brew this ale every winter.

Father Dave's Bohemian Pils -- February 14, 2011
To celebrate our 400th brew our head brewer opted to brew a classic pilsner beer from the Bohemian region of Germany. Brewed with German malts, single hopped with Czech Sazz and lagered for 2 months this beer was brilliantly clear and refreshing.

Rocky CDA (Cascadian Dark Ale) -- November 11, 2011
Our first twist on the classic IPA style. We combined the caramel malts common to IPA's with Roasted and Chocolate malt. Hopped with Northwestern Hops gave this ale a unique flavour and style. Look for it in the winter of  2012 - 2013.
Campfire Breakfast Smoked Porter -- January 31, 2012
An experimental beer. Brewed with German malt smoked with beechwood. Half of this brew hit the taps in March the other half has been ageing in oak barrels. Look for it in the summer of 2012 in 650ml bottles.

Wabasso White IPA -- May 16, 2012
Our second twist on the classic IPA style. The ale was brewed with wheat and pilsner malt and hopped like an IPA. With the citrus hops and special yeast strain adding a banana like flavours this beer was an instant hit and became 2012's summer seasonal.